Local Vibes
January 5, 2007
Spreading the message of HIV/AIDS through music

A new music video entitled, “Living in a World with AIDS” is now driving home the message that persons living with the virus should not be stigmatised and scorned.

The music video was launched on December 20 at the New Montrose Hotel as part of the National AIDS Secretariat and Ministry of Health and the Environment’s strategy to tackle HIV/AIDS related issues in the society.{{more}}

Presenting the music video before the gathering was Psychologist Jozelle Miller who pointed out that while there was a need to sensitize the public about HIV/AIDS the approach of disseminating the information had to be creative to captivate the audience.

The psychologist noted that the society could no longer ignore the disease since almost everyone now knows a person who has been infected or has been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Miller thanked the artistes in the music video “Truths and Mystic Vibration” for their input as well as music producer Mark Cyrus for putting together the beats. She also congratulated former Communication Manager in the HIV/AIDS Unit, Deborah Rodney for being the songwriter that came up with the lyrics that highlighted poetically addressed the issues that needed to be touched.

Rodney told Searchlight that it was her hope that the song would be the regional anthem to help support persons living with HIV/AIDS since many feel ostracized because of the disease.

Also announcing the launch of the National Aids Secretariat’s food drive programme called Help Our People Eat (HOPE) was Social Worker Roselle Solomon.

She sadly noted that although the drugs are free, most HIV infected persons in the country were not taking their medication because they could not get the proper food to sustain themselves.

She said that HOPE in association with the Rotary Club had distributed 40 food packages over the Christmas season and she appealed to other agencies to assist in the food drive. The social worker said that HOPE would be a year round food drive.

Several agencies that have been working to combat the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS were also recognized at the event.