Brewery launches Vitamalt promotion
Local Vibes
September 29, 2006

Brewery launches Vitamalt promotion

VitaMalt drinkers can enjoy their favourite drink, and at the same time stand a chance of having their bedroom redesigned to the value of $8,000. That the big reward from a new Vitamalt under-the-crown promotion which began earlier this week.

Six Vitamalt crowns placed in an envelope can qualify you for the redesigned bedroom. Drawing dates are November 2 and December 19. But persons also have the opportunity of wining DVD Players, Ipods, Digital Cameras cell phones and Vitamalt instantly.{{more}}

The promotion called ‘Bling out your Crib’ was launched last Tuesday at the Brewery’s Campden Park headquarters.

Gary Davis, Vitamalt Brand manager endorsed the venture, and noted: “Vitamalt has over the years offered a high quality product full of nutrients and essential minerals which are beneficial to the entire family and is necessary for a healthy life style,” Davis said.

The Brewery is spending $55,000 on the promotion. It is being done in conjunction with Ace Hardware and Singer.