Local Vibes
June 30, 2006
Fashion fever hits Peace Memorial Hall

The kids certainly have the attention this weekend, and after a heated Kiddies Carnival tomorrow Saturday, all attention will be given to this country’s first children’s fashion gala.

On Sunday July 2, the Peace Memorial Hall will be ablaze with an energetic and vibrant presentation, as a group of young lads put on their show, “Fashion Fever”.{{more}}

The event will see youngsters ranging from age four to 13 years showcase their talent and creativity.

The group, a junior outfit of Image Modelling Agency, will strut their stuff on the catwalk portraying the splendour of some locally designed pieces.

According to manager of the group, Jenelle Humphrey, the event is an opportunity for persons to see what the talented youngsters have to offer.

“They are quite a creative bunch and you can expect to see a well-puttogether event. The children made all the decisions in terms of the name of the show and what they themselves want to showcase. so its all about them,” Humphrey said.

Sunday’s Fashion Fever begins at 5 pm.