Carnival Catwalk
Local Vibes
June 23, 2006

Carnival Catwalk

The Cruise Ship Terminal would be alive with fashion on July 2nd when models from Mijé Personal Development and Advertising Agency present Carnival Catwalk from 5:30pm.

Eniye Kagbala will showcase her ethnic wear; while tantalizing crochet wear will be on display from Lucy Millar and Venner DeBique. Models will also flaunt the designs of Pamela Findlay known for her creations of the sexy funk look; the latest ‘must haves’ for the season available at Jeans World will also be seen on the catwalk.{{more}}

Mike Ollies Screen Prints will put a twist on those Baby Tees featuring St. Vincent in its Natural Splendour. Eyes R’ Us will feature the latest eyewear for the season, while Guyanese born Sonia Noel of Mariska’s Designs will be the feature designer. Noel is rapidly becoming the epitome of fabulous fashion in the Caribbean and has had her works featured in She and Shabeau Magazines and her designs seen on the catwalk of Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica.

Nivea Skin Care and Healthy Lifestyles would also be on hand to remind patrons of the importance of taking care of their bodies.

Local Bodybuilder Efford Rogers who was recently adjudged 2nd in the Caribbean Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition held in the Cayman Islands would be the guest performer.

Fifteen female models are being prepared for the event by Clauda John and Jean Johnney-Findlay; they promise to showcase exotic and exciting styles suitable for the many Carnival shows and the latest summer styles.