Local Vibes
June 9, 2006
Upstage Xperience opens this evening

The Upstage Xperience launches its tent this Friday night. Upstage Xperience blends calypso and soca in a way that offers a fresh perspective to the local music scene. The cast features young and talented artistes such as Skarpyon, Skinny Fabulous, Maddzart, MInt, Landlord, Alla G, Shaunelle, and Lyndon George. They bring energy, innovation and great entertainment to an otherwise struggling calypso tent format.{{more}}

These artistes who are more known for their exploits at soca shows will add a new dimension to the high standards set by the icons of St Vincent’s calypso and soca music – these icons being Alston Becket Cyrus and Cornelius Williams. They will be supported by consistent performers in the persons of Brother Ebony,Kijah Ghani, Ron B. ,Abby and Dwighty.

The Upstage Xperience’s first show will take place at Victoria Park this Friday night but will move to the Chamber of Commerce Car Park for its second event on Sunday evening.