Help for Fatty Dan
Local Vibes
June 9, 2006

Help for Fatty Dan

The Graduates Calypso Tent has donated $4,100.00 to Aloma “Fatty Dan” Cadougan. The Tent last Tuesday held a benefit show in aid “Fatty Dan” who was diagnosed with heart and liver problems. The show which was dubbed “to Fatty Dan with love” was able to raise this sum of money even with a small turn out. Members of the Graduates Calypso Tent, Tent Manager, David Latchman, Kingsley “Hero” Roberts, Dexter Walker and “Marti” made the presentation to Fatty Dan last Thursday.{{more}}

According to a release from the tent, all performing artistes participated in the show free of charge. The tent also wishes to thank Dexter Walker and “Marti” for “hyping the crowd” into making generous contributions and the four radio stations which contributed free advertisements.

The tent also announced that this year, they will be partnering with a number of business houses and agencies in promoting higher standards and advancing the cause of calypso.