Local Vibes
June 9, 2006
Happy hour in Wizard’s camp

The Wizards Mas tent will be toasting Vincy Mas with their 2006 production entitled “Happy Hour.”

According to bandleader Adaiah “Snake Head” Providence, the section will flamboyantly portray popular beverages such as Sunset Rum, Pepsi and Ju-C, while enabling masqueraders and on lookers to “savor the taste” of these depictions.{{more}}

Admitting that it was a struggle to get things running because of a lack of finance, Providence expressed gratitude to the Emerald Valley Casino and various other sponsors who have contributed to their production.

The bandleader also pointed out that finding tent space was also a huge challenge, but after being allocated an area at the reclamation site, they were however able to do two months work in two weeks.

He emphasised that even though they suffered many setbacks due to the death of former bandleader Jamil Abdul last year, the Mas tent workers have continued to persevere to complete the various sections.

Providence also pleaded with former masqueraders of Wizards who have strayed, to return to Wizards Mas camp to bring back the glory days and promised to take the band of the year title.

The Wizards leader however pointed out that while the production is called “Happy Hour,” he advised partygoers to drink responsibly and to keep a clear head for the carnival season.