Carnival City in full swing
Local Vibes
June 9, 2006
Carnival City in full swing

Hitz FM’s “Blue Edition” show, put the swing back into Soca music on Sunday June 4 at the Victoria Park.

From Skarpyon with his opening act, to Fireman Hooper who closed the show, the massive crowd maintained its energy level throughout, and danced and pranced all night long.{{more}}

The only shortcoming was that at times some of the artistes got carried away and over stayed their welcome on stage, with a few even letting off words that were not palatable, especially with the party going live on radio.

Some notable crowd favourites included the young and upcoming Rusty who by chanting his name monotonously got the crowd to sing along with him about getting a young lady’s phone number.

Also kicking up dust with his performance of “In A Hole” was veteran hit maker Poorsah who also stirred some controversy with his song about the murder of Glenn Jackson called, “Inside Job.”

The duet of Sexy Sugars and DJ 20 also heated up the stage with their performance as they showed much love to the audience and for each other.

The band HS Phacktor seems to get better and better with each performance as they sported Blue T-shirts, though notably missing, but mentioned was Bomani who is still incapacitated after a fall. Aretha kept it real with her “bad behaviour” in a short black outfit and her waistline rotating in perfect timing with her singing.

But the “girls dem defender” Shanelle Dempster from Trinidad and Tobago who represented the ladies and bashed the guys who were not living up to their word, gave a short but effective performance. Nevertheless the guys seemed to enjoy watching the sexy figured vixen dressed in black as she also rolled her waistline.

Overall the show was down packed and filled with the hype it was advertised to have, proving that local artistes could give just as exciting a performance as any overseas act.