On Tour, Sparrow raise fever for Vincy Mas ’06
Local Vibes
June 2, 2006

On Tour, Sparrow raise fever for Vincy Mas ’06

The “On Tour” Calypso Tent produced a brilliant show on Saturday May 27 at the Victoria Park, helping to intensify the Mas 2006 fever.

Performances from the cast such as Black I with his jumpy tune “Pom Pom” had the audience rolling with laughter, Lady D, although nervous at first could not be stopped as she made everyone “Bust a sweat” with her song entitled just that.{{more}}

Poorsah had the crowd dodging “Holes” with his new release that seems to be a sure contender for Road March, while Azara gave a “Tongue Lashing” to ills in society. Ipa also released one of his new tunes for 2006 but the audience seemed to have enjoyed his retro-tunes more.

But the night truly belonged to the guest performer of the evening, The Birdie, The Calypso King of the World, The Mighty Sparrow, Dr. Slinger Francisco.

Sparrow’s crisp clear voice, subtle undertones and clever lyrics had fans singing along with every line and stanza while others kicked off their shoes and boogied to the music of the living legend.

Never one to short change his audience, the 71-year-old entertainer gyrated like a 20-year-old and at times flirted with the ladies who flocked to the front of the stage.

Screaming for more, patrons requested songs such as “The Congo Man” and “Jean and Dinah.” “The Birdie” obliged without hesitation.

It was truly a phenomenal evening of great company and great music where local artistes from the “On Tour” calypso tent and a calypso legend who has been singing for over 40 years gave patrons their money’s worth.

The Miss SVG contestants and local Miss Universe representative Shiverne Peters also graced the audience with their presence in their final public appearance before the Miss SVG show tomorrow.