SVGS Young Leaders raise funds for charity
Local Vibes
May 5, 2006
SVGS Young Leaders raise funds for charity

After their charity concert called “Back Ah Yard” on Friday, April 21 at the Iguana, the St. Vincent Grammar School Young Leaders proudly handed over $530 to the National Society for Persons with Disabilities. {{more}}

President of the Young Leaders, Daniel Campbell explained that the relationship between the society and his group deepened after spending time together at the National Society for Persons with Disabilities march and rally earlier this year. He admitted that the group was astounded by the determination of the disabled persons to march despite their handicaps and the group wanted to do more for them.

Campbell pointed out that members wanted to raise funds for the Society and so the charity concert was held, but after expenses they were only left with a small amount.

Graciously accepting the donation, Public Relations Co-ordinator Melanie McKenize thanked the youngsters not only for their contribution, but also for their support. She noted that the young men showed their solidarity with the Society at various functions and praised them for taking their roles as Young Leaders seriously.

Emphasing how fragile life was, Mc Kenzie warned young people to refrain from harbouring the thought that they will never get a disability. She noted that while persons with disabilities were not looking for pity, they do want respect.

Meanwhile, representative of Back Ah Yard Entertainment, Schwmon “JK” Peters expressed disappointment with some of the guest artistes who agreed to perform at the concert.

Peters noted that the show was supposed to start at 8 p.m., but never got started until 11 p.m. He said while some artistes called to say that they were arriving late some never even showed up. He described this as being unprofessional and disrespectful and urged the entertainers to do better.

He outlined that although the feedback from patrons who attended was positive, the show could have been better.