Carnival Bands clash
Local Vibes
April 21, 2006
Carnival Bands clash

It’s official. That is the count down to the 2006 carnival Band of the Year title.

Thirteen bands will be vying for the title, but 12 of them will have one mission, that is to dethrone defending holder Digicel Nelson Bloc.

Nelson Bloc launched their production in typical fashion last Monday at the Bishop’s College Compound.{{more}}

Sponsors Digicel was on hand to present this year’s sponsorship cheque, and they showed commitment to this nation’s cultural endeavour with their support to the Digicel Rhythmix Steel Orchestra. The Steelband was also present to add some authenticity to the launching.

Digicel Nelson Bloc will present 11 sections: They are ‘Vikings,’ ‘Athena,’ ‘The Yanks,’ ‘Elizabethan,’ ‘Cathagena,’ ‘Geisha,’ ‘Pa-Iri: The Fan Bearer,’ and ‘Centurian,’ priced at $225, and ‘Royal Shield Bearers,’ ‘Mongolians,’ ‘Vestal Virgins’ at $125.

In traditional Easter fashion, culture lovers and would-be masqueraders gained first hand impression of the portrayals in a festive atmosphere. Disc jockeys kept the crowd entertained before the Steelband’s interlude.

Other bands in line for this year’s competition are Guinness Blondie Bird and Friends with their portrayal ‘King of the Road,’ Dragons Cultural Organisation: ‘Nature’s way,’ KFC SVG Players International: ‘Band of the Year,’ and WE FM Singer Lynx with ‘Abracadabra.’

Also in the fray are High Voltage Mas Production with ‘Visions of Rapture,’ Owen Ralph and the Professionals: ‘Operation Iraq’, Wizards Mas Camp: ‘Happy Hour,’ Melbourne Artisans ‘Look the band coming,’ Beautex International: ‘Caribbean Single Market,’ and Tribes Carnival band SVG: ‘From the past to the present.’

An outfit from the past Bad Lads and Lasses is making a return with a depiction: ‘Callinago.’

The other band in the contest is the Bequia based outfit My Imagination presenting ‘I believe in.’