Problem Child brings ‘Friends with Benefits’
Local Vibes
March 24, 2006

Problem Child brings ‘Friends with Benefits’

Shertz “Problem Child” James is probably one of the hardest working and most committed young Vincentians in the music business, and for 2006 he is as busy as ever with his new single “Friends with Benefits.” {{more}}

He said that the single is the first release for Vincy Mas 2006 and noted that it was produced by Cherry Ince, with input from Great Zee. The single looks at the other side of friendship.

He revealed, “I wrote this song for all who can relate to it, be it because of betrayal from their significant other or someone close to you.”

The entertainer continued, “Betrayal is almost always the first feeling you get when friends treat you wrong. The song was also written for all players and old dogs out there, male and females alike.”

Problem Child said that he has been receiving tremendous love and positive feedback about the song and pointed out that one guy even told him that his song was his new anthem in life.

He said this fan is now more careful in his relationships and is no longer quick to jump into commitments, but now chooses to just have friends with benefits.

Problem Child revealed that his talent has already given him the opportunity to do shows mainly in Toronto and New York.

He is still busy with other recordings and the potential release of one of his songs called “Mad” that is a huge hit in France and the French speaking Caribbean.

With his keen business sense to guide him in marketing himself Problem Child noted, “I want to show my versatility, I want to release early to set a new trend and get away from the usual release when it’s almost carnival. Too many great songs get lost that way because the DJ’s don’t have enough time to go around all the late releases.”

Never one to doubt himself and abilities, Problem Child confessed that he feels that he is not given his credit as a legitimate powerhouse in his homeland.

The entertainer however believes in doing great music for all to enjoy and looks forward to a successful season. So look out for more exciting releases from the creative Problem Child.

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