Avenue Dancers perform to packed audience at Peace Memorial Hall
Local Vibes
March 24, 2006

Avenue Dancers perform to packed audience at Peace Memorial Hall

Patrons who got inside the over packed Peace Memorial Hall on Saturday March 11 considered themselves lucky to witness another spectacular performance from the Avenue Dancers, a presentation entitled, “You Ask For It.” {{more}}

Although the event was scheduled to begin at 8pm, patrons were gathered at the door before 7pm and those who arrived just before the curtains went up were shocked and angered when the doorman turned them away.

The hall was already packed beyond capacity, and patrons inside grumbled because there were not enough seats and many were jammed close to the stage.

But when the performances began, it seemed that the complaints about not getting comfortable seats vanished as the show flowed effortlessly from one act into the other. Even the frequent announcement by the technician that he could not locate some of the accompanying music for the dance routines added humour to the show.

Using dance, poetry and modelling, the Avenue Dancers touched on numerous topics such as Caribbean Unity, the Indigenous Peoples, and even Bananas.

Infants, juniors, intermediates and seniors were all very well timed and never missed a step in their routines. The passion they had for performing was evident on their faces and their costumes also appropriately complemented their dance routines.

Speaking with Buzz Magazine, founder of Avenue Dancers Bridget John apologised to the public for not having enough seats and reassured them that another show will come off this Sunday March 26 from 5pm at the Peace Memorial Hall.

She noted that this encore performance would cater to persons who had bought tickets, but did not get a chance to see the show. Emphasising the need for a larger venue, John also expressed disappointment that there were not enough lights to support some of the dance pieces and was displeased that the technician did not deliver some of the music pieces on time.

Tracing the history of the Avenue Dancers, John pointed out that the group originated in Paul’s Avenue in 1976, hence the name Avenue Dancers. Today they have 92 registered dancers.

John noted that the longevity of the group is a significant achievement and said that she will continue to be committed to the arts.

She explained, “Many children are talented and need to have their skills honed; that’s why we don’t only do dances, but we also encourage youngsters to sing, model and use poetry. We want them well rounded and talented performers.”

The MC of the evening, Inspector Jonathan Nichols should also be commended for his wit.