Local Vibes
February 3, 2006
It’s all ‘Akcess’ for Blues Fest

The musical band Akcess is only one year old, but already they are playing like veterans and if you haven’t heard them you will get your taste of their skills at Blues Fest on Saturday February 4 at Buccama on the Bay.

Manager Vincent Reed noted that the band is known for its versatility and will be playing a combination of Blues and Light Jazz on the big night. {{more}}Reed noted that the songs will come from their six track debut album called, “Cheers to You” which features songs like ‘She’s a Lady’ and ‘I Fell for You’. He noted that the album would be the perfect Valentine’s Gift.

The manager stressed that too many local bands only do the “Jump Up and Wave” type of music and do not show versatility to produce other types of music for music lovers.

Reed announced that they will be opening up a whole new type of entertainment and promised to be one of the bands that will be around for a long time because of their vision. He also envisioned that Akcess will be delving into other areas such as fashion under their motto, “Xklusively Real.”

The 10 member group is made up mainly of seasoned musicians: Junior Sutherland: producer/keyboard, Andy Cruickshank: arranger/keyboard and guitar, Theo Young: guitar, Leroy Gilbert –bass/back vocals, Maxwell Bennett-drums, Rohan Bellingy-trumpet, Omoro Thomas-tenor sax and lone female Chaka Hazlewood on vocals.