Local Vibes
January 27, 2006
La Gracia Dancers thrill audience at Peace Mo Hall

Thunderous applause and cheers echoed through the Peace Memorial Hall on Saturday, January 14, when the La Gracia Dance Company staged their production entitled “Reflections.”

Although 21 dance pieces were staged, the show was never a bore.{{more}}

The costumes appropriately reflected the types of dance pieces, whether they were tattered clothing for Zombies from Michael Jackson’s scary song, “Thriller” or frilly mini skirts for energetic Spanish Samba music.

The only real problem was that there weren’t enough seats to accommodate the hundreds that came out to support the show, an indication that there is need for a larger seating arena.

However, the disgruntled cries of those not lucky enough to find a seat were soon calmed by the stunning, smooth flowing performances by the guys and girls of La Gracia who charmed the audience with their grace, flexibility and talent.

Ragga Soca Monarchs Skarpyon and Bomani who had the ladies screaming their names and pleading for more tunes also gave spectacular performances.

Half way through the show the young dancers were surprised when they were in turn given certificates by the founder of La Gracia, Maxine Browne in areas such as most motivated, most improved, most organised. However it was dancer Kari DaSilva who received a trophy for Dedicated Service because she continued the work of choreographing for the group while Browne went off to study Dance at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

The theme of La Gracia is, “Only the Best is Good Enough.”