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September 2, 2005

C&W anounces 365 Days Expiry card

The fuss of trying to use Cable & Wireless prepaid cards before their expiry date is no more. The company has now extended the life of the card to one year.

Cable & Wireless announced its “365 Days Expiry” programme, at the Professional Secretarial Conference room on Monday 29 August. Mobile Manager Coline Browne said this would permit customers to use their cards at their own pace without the worry of expiration. {{more}}

She pointed out that cards used to have a shelf life of, $5-15 days, $10-30 days, $20-45 days, $40-60 days, $75-90 days, but now they all have a shelf life of one year.

The mobile manager also announced that C&W had removed the $75 dollar card, which she described as a high value card which put pressure on consumers. She however noted that $75 dollar cards are still available in electronic Q Points top-ups. She urged all customers to top-up their phones and highlighted that there was a three-month grace period to put money on their account.

Browne noted that the 365-day cards were not available on the “Pay As You Go System” TDMA Network, but only on the GSM Network.

Also addressing the launch, Chief Executive Daryl Jackson stated that since introducing their GSM network two years ago, the company had been working non-stop to improve the mobile brand. He stressed that they provided greater convenience in the way consumers purchase and use their prepaid mobile airtime.