Cable & Wireless Internet Camp closes
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September 2, 2005
Cable & Wireless Internet Camp closes

On Friday, August 26, 2005, over 270 students attended Methodist Church Hall to receive certificates for completion of the Internet Summer School hosted by Cable & Wireless. Certificates were presented by Chief Executive, Daryl Jackson; Marketing Manager, Aberra Larcher; Manager Data & IS, Anthony Balcombe; and Internet Technician, Haniff Sutherland.{{more}}

The Hon. Clayton Burgin, Minister of Education, Youth & Sports, attended the ceremony giving brief remarks to parents and students. He commended the company for this annual programme and explained the current need for globalisation and said that it starts in the classroom by developing Internet technologies in the schools and creating awareness.

Two computers were presented to the best male and best female student. The best male student was Asquith Richards, and the best female student, Chrisann Mofford. When presented with his prize, young Richards remarked, “I would like to thank Cable & Wireless for such a wonderful programme that they had. It was very helpful to me because I learned a lot of things I didn’t know and some things to refresh my memory like search engines, how to create e-mail, and more.”

ChrisAnn was happy to learn about hypertext and hypermedia. She encouraged other students to attend the programme and get familiar with the new technology of the future.

This was the second year that Cable & Wireless has hosted the summer programme.

The main objectives of the Internet course are to: provide students with an overview of the World Wide Web with emphasis on the benefits of Internet, function of e-mail, and search engine features; enable students to access current awareness tools such as News, Entertainment, and Educational Resources; and to provide an opportunity for students to visit an Internet Service Provider and get a first hand look at its operations.