Young Bajan singer heats up US charts
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August 5, 2005
Young Bajan singer heats up US charts

At 17 years of age, this island girl is making her mark on the music scene with her hit song, “Pon De Replay.” Rhianna who hails from Barbados moved to the US a few months ago in search of a music career and her decision has paid off.

Her song is now one of the hottest summer jams and is sneaking up on Mariah’s “We Belong Together” on the Hot 100 Chart. The hypnotic song sends listeners bumping to the beat and her catchy lyrics makes it easy for the youngest child to sing. {{more}}

Through a friend she was introduced to a New York City music producer who heard her sing while he was on vacation in Barbados. He then flew Rhianna to New York City where she recorded about a dozen tracks. Her demo ended up at Def Jam, now under the direction of Jay-Z, and the label jumped on it, no doubt realizing Rihanna’s potential. “It was a dream come true. I’ve been dreaming of this for years,” she said. “I used to sing in the shower and in front of the mirror with the brush to my face. The neighbours would complain about how loud I was singing. They would always know when I was home .

Rhianna went on, “My music doesn’t have a specific genre. “It’s a fusion of reggae, hip-hop and R&B. So it’s new, it’s fresh. It’s just a song telling the DJ to put my song on the turn tables to play over and over again.”

Still a little unprepared for the crush of fame, she’s getting advice from Jay -Z’s girlfriend. Beyonce. “She is my idol. One time just before my performance at a show I was a bit nervous. Beyonce wrote me a little card giving me advice, which said that I should just let loose, take control and just have fun. It was really sweet.”

Rhianna’s debut album, “Music of the Sun” is out this month. She said that the word ‘sun’ represents the Caribbean, her culture and herself.

She confessed, “Talking about it makes me just a little homesick. Barbados is lovely, it’s perfect. “It’s warm, with beautiful beaches, nice people. But my new home is in the U.S and I’m here for a purpose. To fulfil my dreams.”