Local Vibes
July 8, 2005
Sulle takes calypso title

Glenroy Sulle Caesar stamped his authority to take the 2005 Calypso Monarch title at the Dimanche Gras show Sunday last.

Sulle, copped the crown with his numbers “Pull ‘Gainst” and “Reparation” at Carnival City, Victoria Park last Monday morning. Sulle, a veteran of some 22 years in the calypso arena, dethroned former Monarch Princess Monique Hector on his way to the title and in the process prevented a hattrick for the lady.{{more}}

This is only the second time that Sulle has worn the monarch’s crown. His first title was won in 1997. He has however established himself as a monarch at the Independence Calypso Monarch competition winning titles in 1991, 1994, and 1995. It was also Sulle who won the 2004 National Agricultural Exhibition Calypso competition.

A versatile artist of profound quality, Sulle first burst upon the cutural scene in the 1970s attached to the Dynamic Rhythm and Arts Group in Solidarity (DRAGS) which featured performance poetry long before it became popular.

Princess Monique was excellent in the first round with “SVG is tops” but seemed a bit uncomfortable with her “Home grown terrorist”.

Kenrick ‘Bum-E’ Bowens, with the renditions “One Caribbean” and “Allergies” took third position.

In fourth spot was Fitzroy “Brother Ebony” Joseph whose numbers were ‘Teach dem’ and ‘Good Old days.’

Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne placed fifth after good performances of his “Nobody muzzling me” and “First Class citizen”.

Grantley “Ipa” Constance with “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”, and “Politics mashing up the country” was sixth, followed by Michael “Black Messenger” John with “Rhythm of love” and “Vision of truth” in seventh, and Dennis Bowman with “Pinocchio” and “Ideal man” in eighth.

Vincent “Groovy D” Kennedy placed ninth with the renditions “Yo go buy dat” and “See me and come live wid me”.

Gosnel “GC” Cupid placed tenth with the renditions: “That’s not good governance” and “One for Old George and Butcher”.

The final place in the race for the monarchy went to Clifford Goodgie, known in the entertainment circles as Wayne Keane. His songs were “Lara retribution” and “Hungry Man jam”.

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police band provided execellent musical accompaniment for the calypso finals.