Local Vibes
June 17, 2005
Lyttle wants stations to push local music more

As he promoteS his latest tracks in St.Vincent and the Grenadines while home on vacation, Kevin Lyttle, the local singing sensation who has shot to super stardom is calling for radio station to be dedicated to playing soca music through the year.

Lyttle said Trinidad is already identifying a niche here as well as radio stations in New York.##:M[more]##

“We need to have a station like that in St.Vincent.We need to have a station pushing we music and we need to have Ragga Soca as our music.

“Nobody else has claimed it as theirs. We need to claim it as our national music because this is the music that is carrying we places. This is the music that is taking the West Indies places right now,” Lyttle has suggested.

For persons wishing to place Lyttle’s songs in a category Lyttle said the music he sings is Ragga Soca, which is a mixture of dance hall, reggae, Soca, and R&B.