Local Vibes
June 10, 2005
Pan concert growing

Vincentians and visitors alike can continue to sample the sounds of pan and at the same time strengthen their patriotism.

That is through the efforts of the Youlou Pan Movement and the East Caribbean Group of Companies. {{more}}

ECGC’s Sales manager Lance John boasted of his company’s involvement in the pan concerts at Heritage Square last Sunday.

Four of the nation’s top bands entertained a crowd. The atmosphere was pleasing, listeners thrilled by the soothing sounds coming from under covered tents in the area blocked off from vehicular traffic.

And it was not pan only. The sponsors ECGC are encouraging the use of local produce in every form. And with ECGC a fortress of local industry, the basis is on for the building of indigenous ventures.

ECGC is one of the regions’ leading food suppliers. Its products include flour, rice, animal feeds, and bottled water. YPM President Douggie ‘Nose’ Joseph is looking forward to next Sunday’s event also carded for Heritage Square. This will feature Cable & Wireless Starlift, Rhythmix, Elite Juniors and Seniors.

The concerts wind up May 26 with five senior bands at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Car Park.

The bands are using the concert as a build up to Panorama finals set for Dimanche Gras, July 3.