Tent action heats up
Local Vibes
June 3, 2005
Tent action heats up

The Calypso season is gaining momentum. Following the launch of the Up Stage Calypso experience at Aquatic Club last week Friday, it was the turn of the Stars Calypso Tent on Monday.

The Up Stage launch marked new grounds in Calypso Tent action with number of new artists taking to the calypso stage, unveiling a breakthrough in the cultural arena. {{more}}

Producer Great Zee did ‘Stock,’ displaying a versatility for which he was become known. Sergeant Bread with his ‘Neutral’ had the privilege of ending the show after a rave performance the frist time around.

Skarpyon’s introduction to the calypso setting was welcome, and he displayed his stage presence and command with a number of hits on his album carded for early release.

Reigning Soca and Road March monarch Bomani thrilled the audience with his smooth harmony and was joined onstage by a mature female fan for a wine. Former Soca monarch Madzart was also a crowd pleaser.

New song winner Brother Ebony performed his winning ‘Good old days.’ Kijah Gani, Abby, Mint also mounted the stage.

The newly formed Akcess band, led by Junior Sutherland provided musical accompaniment.

Alla G did his African inspired, but was with his extempo showdown with Lexie.

The impromptu performances created some excitement with the newer artistes, including Madzart, Great Zee, Sergeant Bread, Johnny Rebel and Ipa joining the picong.

Anthony Dennie and Splectron served as master of ceremonies for the session. It was a new dimension for tent lovers. The venue was the Balcony on the first floor of the Central Kingstown Market. The cast featured Ranking Sam who did ‘Carnival rhythm,’ Sunny Banks ‘Truth or lie,’ Jah Burke ‘Ride him Dinkey,’ and Tabbit: ‘Reflection.’ Master of Ceremonies for the evening was We FM’s Val Matthias. He introduced Sing Jammie, a member of the band Prerogative which provided the musical accompaniment. Muddy Knights with ‘Do so nuh like so,’ Blogo: ‘No sympathy,’ Laylee: ‘Cool out,’ Ras Simple: ‘Junguzz fever,’ and Buddy with ‘Massive,’ completed the line up.

There was an Extempo session featuring Kojah, MC. Val, and a fan from the crowd. A small crowd waited for a period before the show but they seemed to enjoy the show.