Support for Kiokya
Local Vibes
May 20, 2005
Support for Kiokya

by Sheron Garraway

Kiokya Cruickshank has proved herself truly a super sensational rising star and Vincentians and Caribbean people have grown to love the petite girl with the big voice.

Among the people who have openly expressed this love and admiration are the staff at Edwin D. Layne and Sons. Store clerk Diana Henry said she had been impressed with Kiokya’s talent and was prompted to do more for her when she heard the comments that guest judge, Maxi Priest made about her having to be scared that she was next to leave the competition. {{more}}

So far over $3-hundred dollars worth of phone cards were bought by the staff and customers who contributed toward the drive to “text” Kiokya into the two top positions.

“The statement that Sunday night went through my heart and I knew that I had to do everything to keep her there,” said Henry. “She has natural talent and she deserves to win. I heard a group of young Bajans went to her school to get her autograph. Just imagine that! I think sometimes we don’t appreciate the talent that we have here in this country.”

Other members of staff also expressed displeasure with the comments made by Maxi Priest and said that once Kiokya was in the competition, they would give their money towards her because she was “Vincy, not just to the bone, but to the morrow.”

Meanwhile, the drive to place Kiokya to the top of the Digicel Rising Star competition was also felt at the “Rainbow Palace Restaurant” where Kiokya’s mother, Carol works.

Owner of the restaurant, Joan Browne, said that the staff and patrons of the eating facility have been contributing toward the success of Kiokya from the very start of the competition. Browne noted that she too was hurt by the comments Maxi Priest made about Kiokya, but noted that his statements prompted more Vincentians to vote for the songbird.

Kiokya’s mother Carol said this competition was a dream come true for her 18-year-old daughter, who has been singing since she was a toddler. She said, while the pressure of the competition has been stressful, Kiokya has been coping with it well.

“I really hope that she wins,” she said, “she really deserves it.”