Lord Nelson nice at Iguana
Local Vibes
May 20, 2005
Lord Nelson nice at Iguana

He credits himself with creating the slogan ‘St. Vincent nice.’ And Saturday Nelson returned ‘home’ to nice up St.Vincent with a performance at the Kalypso Kollege concert at the Iguana. “

Nello was accompanied by the Kalypso Kollege band a three-man horn section of trumpet, saxophone and trombone, rhythm and lead guitars, keyboards and drummer.{{more}}

Nelson unleashed a number of his past hits and had the crowd in ecstasy and in rapt attention.

The audience appreciated his ‘Liar’ for which he had to make an encore.

Nelson, aged 74, displayed remarkable agility, enthusiasm and artistry. He appeared in a yellow outfit, complete with jacket, hat, shoes and socks.

But as his show wore on, and he became adjusted to the conditions, he shed his jacket to reveal the overall, and removed the hat to reveal his totally bald head.

But that only added to his presentation as he maintained a lively display, exuding beads of sweat and he delved into his repertoire of hits.

His “Norman and Audrey” revived memories of vintage Nello. His ‘Disco Daddy’ sounded fresh and with ‘We like it,’ ‘Garrot bounce’, ‘Bald Head Rasta,’ and ‘Me lover,’ Nelson was a crowd pleaser. But perhaps the song Vincentians were most happy to identify with was ‘St. Vincent Nice.’

Nelson was not the only one on show however. A performance by Poorsah and Alla G, both as a duo and separately had proved an adequate forerunner to Nelson.

New Song Competition winner Fitzroy ‘Brother Ebony’ Joseph showed why he recaptured the title at the launch of Vincy Mas on May 7 as he gave the crowd a taste of his song ‘Good old days.’ But it was his number ‘Art of making love,’ which gave the audience another perspective of his repertoire.

Reigning Calypso monarch Princess Monique paid tribute to Bomber, the man whom she credited for her success. She performed Bomber’s classic ‘James and Joan.’

Kijah Gani was the opening act with songs ‘Jaws,’ Shadow’s ‘Bass man,’ and her 2005 number ‘Spank dem.’

Calypsonian Robert Nelson, hails originally from Tobago where he left some 57 years ago to establish a dynamic musical career on the Trinidad and international circuit.

The Kalypso Kollege is a radio programme aired on WEFM Monday nights from 8, hosted by Stephen Huggins. The Kollege has staged a number of vintage calypso shows in recent years. Nelson’s was the latest, and he and the Kollege did not disappoint.