Local Vibes
May 13, 2005
What’s Buzzin’

• The North Leeward Carnival begins BuzZ this weekend.

• New Soca releases for the 2005 Carnival are beginning to BuzZ on the airwaves. Luta has been making the rounds of radio stations with his Not Guilty.

• Madzart’s Mad Symphony due out soon but SABS, Severe Acute Butt Syndrome is getting rave BuzZ on radio.{{more}}

• Max E flew in from NY to release his new track and will be back soon.

• Lennox Bowman’s prolific pen has been busy throughout the year and his several compositions are receiving steady BuzZ on radio. His “Keep yuh Nose out a people business”, sung by brother Dennis Bowman is strong picong.

• One Day Cricket West Indies versus Pakistan will see that touring team attempting to repeat their defeat of the WI on this Arnos Vale Ground.

• Miss SVG Pageant is set for Saturday 28 may. The Ladies are already shopping for outfits to wear to this big show.

• Common Entrance exams are set for one week from today. You kids reading this, keep studying.

• North Leeward heats up as action in this year’s carnival festivity spreads to the Chateaubelair playing this weekend.

That event sees a cultural package featuring some of the area’s leading exponents as a prelude to a Soca and calypso Show planned for the Spring Village Community Centre Saturday May 21.

Celebrations peak Saturday June 11 with J’ouvert and Street Jam from Petit Bordel Secondary School to Fitz Hughes. A Cool Down at the Petit Bordel later that evening will end the North Leeward action. The Queen Show and calypso finals at the Petit Bordel Secondary School Friday June 10 would undoubtedly be a highlight.

A calypso semifinal is set for Rose Hall Friday May 27.