Full Clip’s first Album
Local Vibes
May 13, 2005
Full Clip’s first Album

Derron “Full Clip” Dennie may seem like just another dance hall artiste who hopes to make it in the music industry big leagues, but he believes his determination will one day pay off.

The 26-year-old confessed that he has been “spitting lyrics” since he was a little boy. This is something which comes quite easy to him and allows him to write songs in just minutes. {{more}}

Full Clip said that since his cousin Kevin Lyttle made it big on the international scene, he believes that anything is possible and that he too can do it. This belief prompted the release of his self-entitled debut CD.

He admitted that although this was a dream come true, his motivation was not all selfish but about promoting St.Vincent and the Grenadines. He revealed that this is shown in the way he incorporated other artistes on his 11-track album: “Some of the guest artistes include Galanaire, Virgin and my cousin Desmond. Mark Cyrus of Master Room Productions has been great; I’ve been working with him for three years now. He thinks that I should step up my talent and that I am ready for the international market. He believes in me and I thank him for that.”

The artiste comes with a wealth of experience on stage. He has performed with artistes like Akon, TOK and Chico but he believes that the highlight of his life was the Digicel Rising Stars Competition in which he was chosen as a wild card.

“I didn’t go further than I and everyone else expected to, but I was grateful for the opportunity,” he said.

“People got a chance to hear me and even while I was in Barbados, there were people coming up to me and asking for an autograph. Here at home they were asking for an autograph and that felt really good. I didn’t win but I looked at it differently because I was the only dance hall artiste there and I see that as significant. For real!”

Full Clip also expressed gratitude to his family, girlfriend Toya, friends and his students who encouraged him. He said that his students even tried to use dance hall music to memorize their work and this was gratifying to him. He noted that being a dance hall artiste makes his job teaching Math and Science to his students at the St.Vincent Grammar School easier.

He described himself as a “versatile artiste” who doesn’t promote the “gun violence” type songs associated with most dance hall artistes. He however said that his tunes express everyday life.

“The tune “Dance Pon Dem” has been getting heavy rotation along with “Ghetto” and “Eagle Eye”. These songs basically deal with the lack of love and envy people face,” he explained.

“There’s a lot of back-stabbing and haters out there, but no matter what, I’m going to be motivated by those comments, and express myself through my music.”

“This has been a dream come true for me and those who matter to me.” The CD “Full Clip” is available in stores now.