Vincy hits Hollywood screens
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May 6, 2005
Vincy hits Hollywood screens

After waiting some 62 years for a chance in a lifetime he is now living his childhood dream. Douglas Melville was one of the few locals picked as an extra to feature in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel.

His role as an officer he described as “well fitting for his natural character”.{{more}}

Melville who hails from Sion Hill said he heard of the movie the first time in 2003 but missed out on the first casting, something he calls his “worst nightmare”.

But, his luck came a second time. This time around he was careful enough not to make any mistakes. “ I made sure my form was filled out more than once, I was not going to miss it this time around,” Melville said.

“From a young age I always had the interest to become a film star, I used to pray that this would happen and it finally did.”

In parts of the movie Melville will be seen close to Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) during the casting. His role as a naval officer dodging bullets, and drawing swords is all part of the hunt for pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) as he engaged himself in another rip-roaring sea adventure.

“I felt really big about it and I think my chances for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is really good,” Melville said.

A former seaman, the role for him was well fitted. According to him his experience as a seaman enabled him to get a quick grasp of the director’s vision for the shots of him as an Officer.

“I did not go for the money, I wanted to see myself in the movie,” he said.

Melville was full of praise for the efforts by the tourism ministry: “I think SVG is a good breathing ground for filming more movies, we have the natural landscape there is nothing false here,” Melville said.

With a release date slated for July 7 next year, Vincentians will get another opportunity to see the breath taking and thrilling adventure. This time not only will they see the picturesque landscape of our local shores but a chance to see Melville and other Vincentians in the Disney Movie.