• SEARCHLIGHT meets Miss SVG beauties
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April 29, 2005

• SEARCHLIGHT meets Miss SVG beauties

Danielle France of Sion Hill, a 20-year-old tele-sales representative at Blue Sky Communications.

• Tell us more about your job?

This is where we contact people in North America, sometimes in Europe and Asia, and we sell them publications like newspapers and sometimes credit cards. {{more}}

• What has that been like?

I’ve had a lot of great experiences and others not so nice, people could be very rude to people when they are not seeing especially when they detect a foreign accent because some just don’t like the Caribbean accent. But some can be nice sometimes.

I got to speak with the President of NBC Television Cable Network and I also spoke to Cosmetic Queen Estee` Lauder before she died.

• Describe yourself?

When I am not working, I am a spontaneous person I just do stuff at the spur of the moment. Most of the times I’m at the beach with my friends or movies, I love to read.

• When you win what are some of the things you want to do?

As a young person we aren’t heard enough. The older people just look down on us. They pound us for everything, they don’t give us a chance to express ourselves and listen to us. I would like to speak on behalf of them.

• What are some of the challenges young people face?

They don’t have enough guidance and when they do something wrong people just criticize them they don’t tell them what, where and how they should correct it. They don’t have any older figure as a role model. They do something now they get blamed and that’s it.

• If you win, what would you like to do?

If I win the scholarship I would like to pursue a degree in psychology, especially child psychology because once children are molded into better adults they are easier to deal with. And a child’s mind is pure it’s more open to anything.