Fidel, a Child of Destiny
Local Vibes
April 15, 2005
Fidel, a Child of Destiny

Veteran gospel singer Fidel Taylor has made his first CD album entittled “Child of Destiny.” Taylor said the complilation has 12 of his best songs that he has written so far and it’s unique with it’s diversity of rhythms. They include reggae, soca, country, hip hop and soft music. {{more}}In a press release the singer said, “This album has a song for everyone. The songs were written from life experiences with divine guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe this album is going to bless, encourage and inspire everyone that would purchase a copy.”

Taylor said that Track number four “Child of Destiny” is his favourite song and speaks about knowing Christians knowing who they are, their purpose and their destiny. He said it is crucial that they are positive and confident even in their darkest hour and moment of despair. The album was recorded at JR Music Studio, engineered and produced by Junior Sutherland. The music was arranged and played by Andy Cruickshank who also sang background vocals with Maxine Pompey Coombs and Rachael Fergus Richards. It was mastered by Ray Williams. The album is available at Pulse, the Music Centre and Layou supermarket.

Taylor hopes to promote the album extensively throughout the regional and international scene. A concert would be held later this year to promote the album locally.