Nelson Block – ‘You Ask For It’
Local Vibes
April 1, 2005
Nelson Block – ‘You Ask For It’

They have established a reputation as one of the most creative Mas bands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. And this year will be no exception. In fact, Digicel Nelson Block is planning on upgrading their production every year. And they expect their nearly 1,000 revelers to join their production for 2005. {{more}}

This is called ‘You ask for it,’ with designs again by Ossie Constance. Those sections are Passion, Soca Safari, Carnival Fever, Glow, Unity, Colour Fest, WarLord, Bacchanal, Fame and Fortune, and Peace.

Nelson Block members outlined that the selection this year was in response to fans request, hence the name simply; ‘You ask for it.”

As the sections entail, they are carnival related, given refreshing touch. But the emphasis is “about having fun.” The costumes are light and easy to carry around, so as to enhance maneuverability a band member outlined.

They are ensuring that the revelers increase this year and even with added cost in material, brought about through implementation of the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code, prices for costumes have been kept the same as previous years.

Expectations are that the band will equal its previous over nine hundred figure but still band members are “playing it by air.” Nelson Block will be taking part in all aspects of Mas this year. So look out for them in the King and queen of the bands, Sections, Individuals, Prince and Princess, and all categories of the Junior Carnival. The Juniors sections will be Bacchanal and Colour Fest.

Registration can be done at the Nelson Block’s Office at Number Nine shop in the George McIntosh Community Market in Pauls Avenue.

Costumes will be built at the Mas camp at Wilson Hill, next to the St Martins Secondary School. And the school’s authorities have made the use of the St. Martins School yard available for welding at nights.

Nelson Block’s launching is usually the direct indication that the carnival festivities are truly on. This year was staged on refurbished grounds of the Bishops College School.

Nelson Block has embarked on the bold move and even with this year’s sections still on the production line, plans are well advanced for next year’s production entitled ‘Conquerors.’