SVG Players brings Taiwan to Vincy Mas
Local Vibes
March 24, 2005

SVG Players brings Taiwan to Vincy Mas

SVG Players International has gone to Asia with their 2005 presentation entitled, “Somewhere in Taiwan.”

At a press conference held at the Peace Memorial Hall, on Tuesday March 8, Technical Artist Julian “Pilling” Pollard announced that the presentation takes the form of a “Traditional Chinese Opera”, performed by puppets who would be the masqueraders. He noted that the costumes would depict the social, cultural and religious roots of Taiwan, which have helped them become an economic success. {{more}}

The 14 sections depict Phases of the Moon, Lunar New Year Festival, Golden Buddhas, Sun Moon Lake, Pretty Plum Blossoms, the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Dancers, the Bee Hive Display, Ilah Formosa (Taiwan’s National Day), Puppet Master, Lantern Festival, Jade Empress, Peking Opera and Kite Masters.

Major sponsor KFC, represented by Luke Boyea said culture is a vital component of development. Making mention of Kevin Lyttle’s success, Boyea said that this country can reach heights through its culture. He noted that this country has been in the forefront of costumes more so than Trinidad, which has now gone for the more skimpy type designs. He said mas is not just about wining, but about the spirit and fun that masqueraders can have on the road. He noted that more participants seem to be having fun on the streets for carnival and his company will continue to be part of that celebration.

Minister of Tourism and Culture Rene` Baptiste saluted KFC for their continued support to the mas band which she said is critical if Vincy Mas is to grow. She said that the resources of the Carnival Development Committee (CDC) through the Ministry of Tourism “is not a never ending source of funding” emphasizing the need to “get the public and business sector to know that this is a national festival.”

The minister also encouraged mas bands to promote their productions year round and to make miniatures of their costumes to give to tourists when they visit.

“You have to be consistent as an organisation,” she urged “not just at carnival. Make people know you are there, do productions!”

Sponsor Luke Boyea handed over to Kevin Dickson, accountant for the mas band a cheque while booklets on the 2005 presentation were given to Boyea and other representatives of the CDC.