Breakfast with ‘Ralph’
Local Vibes
March 11, 2005
Breakfast with ‘Ralph’

No wonder the Earthquake rocked St. Vincent and the Grenades in such musical scale last Sunday. For the players were off to a good Sunday. Early that morning, the entire cast engaged in the earthquake production scheduled for the Arnos Vale Sports Complex were treated to breakfast at Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ residence. {{more}}

Most of the foreign artistes were taken aback by the down to earth nature of Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves and his cultural awareness of the Caribbean.

Breakfast was typical Caribbean, synonymous of a Prime Minister. The guests mingled in true Caribbean style, making friends and renewing acquaintances. And the stage was set for the day’s programme. Dr. Gonsalves endorsed the works undertaken by the Caribbean Vizion crew and showed his seriousness with full and uninhibited attendance and performance at Arnos Vale. For as he said; anything to do with regional unity has his endorsement.

He stressed support for Grenada, support for the Caribbean.