Windward beauties set to shine March 11
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March 4, 2005
Windward beauties set to shine March 11

by Sheron Garraway

It’s going to be a night of talent, creativity and flair featuring five teens hailing from the Windward area. And according to organiser of the show, Melrose Jackson, the aim is to give youngsters a chance to express themselves. {{more}}

Jackson, who is also a youngster, said the teens in her community need this sort of activity to help them know how to do things like dress, wear their hair and improve their look.

“It’s not just about looking good alone,” she said, “I want the girls to have confidence in themselves so that they know what it is like to be on stage and do their thing.”

Now here’s your chance to meet the ladies who will make appearances in professional wear, swimwear, talent and evening wear and be interviewed:

Sharell Byron – Miss Orange Hill

This teen who attends the Georgetown Muliti-Purpose Centre is entering her first beauty show. She is hoping that after this show she overcomes her timidity of the stage. Sharell one day hopes to become a teacher.

Reon Roberts – Miss Byrea

A student of the Georgetown Primary School, Reon loves interacting with people. She said performing is also what she enjoys doing. The 16-year-old said for her talent she will be dramatising on the issue of teenage pregnancy and urged everyone to support her.

Nivisa Ballantyne – Miss Obrien’s Valley

Now this young lady loves watching educational programmes. This is also her first show but she expressed confidence in capturing the crown. The 18-year-old who will like to be an entrepernuer urges everyone from the community to come out and support the show.

voleen Williams – Miss Owia

“I know I’m gonna become the queen!” that’s the confidence exhuberating from this 15-year-old.

This isn’t her first show, she was a contestant of the Miss Independence Pageant where she was 2nd runner up but now she’s not satisfied with that position and Ivoleen has set her eyes on the crown.

Nathalie Young – Miss Park Hill

The final contestant is the tittle holder of Miss Impact 2004. She now works as an office assistant at Coreas. Don’t let that shy smile fool you, this lady is confident when on stage.

But don’t take my word for it, you can see all the teens at the Spotlight Stadium from 8pm on Friday, March11, which is all part of Heritage Month celebrations.