Performing arts – A great avenue for self expression
Local Vibes
March 4, 2005
Performing arts – A great avenue for self expression

Boys and girls across the country are getting their chance to shine on stage in the Professional Secretarial and Consultancy Services Primary Schools Performing Arts Festival. {{more}}

At the opening ceremony on February 21 at the Peace Memorial Hall, Managing Director, of PSCS Camille Crichton acknowledged that this country has a great heritage in the Arts. She said students must be encouraged to continue their involvement beyond the primary level and patrons must applaud their skills by being supportive to their dreams.

Crichton hoped that the participants will inspire other children who may not be shy, to come

forward and be more expressive. She noted that the performing arts provides an excellent means of showcasing one’s thoughts, feelings and ideas.

The Managing Director of the Professional Secretarial and Consultancy Services, noted that well rounded young people are critical to a better society. She further pledged her company’s commitment to the youth of this country through the performing arts.

Preliminary performances in the festival have been given by the Richmond Hill School, CW Prescod, Kingstown Preparatory, Byrea Government, Colonarie Primary, Diamond Government, Dickson Primary, Park Hill Government, South Rivers Methodist, New Grounds Primary and Lowmans Windward Anglican Schools.