Local Vibes
March 4, 2005

Garifuna documentary to hit screens soon

Plans are being made for a film documentary to shoot on the Garifunas of this country. The film will be based on a book by Dr.Edgar Adams and will be produced by Film maker Andrea Leland

Leland who will also conduct a workshop for teachers on the use of film as an educational tool, will visit the state from 8-16 March. She has produced documentaries such as “The Garifuna Journey” which is based on the exiled Garifuna peoples of Belize. {{more}}

While here the group will conduct a workshop on Thursday March 10th for history and social studies teachers at the Services Commission Training Room.

The history teachers association in collaboration with the curriculum unit at the Ministry of Education is in the process of preparing a new history syllabus for the lower forms in secondary schools., entittled. “The Battle for the Control of SVG.”

The syllabus will focus on the local history of the early settlers of SVG, mainly the Calinagoes, Syboney, Arawaks-in the case of the Yellow Caribs, the Africans, the Garifuna- in the case of the Black Caribs. and the Europeans.

The St.Vincent Brewery handed a cheque for $3000 to the workshop for teachers, while, Cable & Wireles donated $5-thousand dollars to cover all celebration put on by the Garifuna Heritage Foundation.