Ragguette:Play what you want
Local Vibes
February 25, 2005
Ragguette:Play what you want

Steel band groups now have the freedom to play music from any year they wish for the 2005 Pan-o-rama festival. Chairman of PANKAIMAS Hugh Ragguette said this comes as the Youlou Pan Movement experiences a period of revival.{{more}}

Ragguette sounded the need for calypsonians to improve the quality of their renditions since the CDC is assisting with the accompaniment and other technical areas of the music business, such as piracy laws and the revision of the constitution for calypsonians.

He said calypsonians are appealing to the corporate sector and general public and must ensure that their music is to the liking of their target group.

The PANKAIMAS chairman also urged the Carnival Bands Association (CBA) that they are writing a new constitution for the operations of this aspect of carnival. He said individual mas bands must improve their infrastructural frame work and their management. He said this will in turn develop the overall quality of costumes to be paraded on the streets of carnival.

The 2005 presentation

Revellers can choose from twelve bands that will be competing in this year’s festival; Beautex international- Out of Africa, Guinness Blondie Bird & Friends- Ring Games, Heineken Dragons Cultural Organisation- Come Celebrate with we, High Voltage Mas Productions- For the Love of Singer.

Lynx Organisation- Books we love, Melbourne Artisans- The Golden Age of Carnival, Mirage Productions- Midnight Sun, My Imagination- Pirates of the Caribbean, Digicel Nelson Bloc- You asked for it, Owen Ralph & the Professionals- The way we live, KFC SVG Players International- Somewhere in Taiwan, Sting Wizards Mas Camp- Wishes.

(Guest performers) Tribes Carnival Band- Global Dancers.