Gospel Alive
Local Vibes
December 3, 2004

Gospel Alive

This last Sunday was a joyous occasion for the several thousand persons who turned out to witness the homecoming concert offered by gospel singer Anita Charles at the Wilson Hill Church.

Anita, a Vincentian, was here with her husband, former surveyor Dennis Charles, and their gospel hip-hopping son to launch a Christmas CD and share their spiritual and material gifts with their homeland. {{more}} The concert had to be taken indoors at the last minute because of the soggy state of the grounds at the Victoria Park after a rainy week. However the indoor venue created a more intimate atmosphere that lent to the magic of the performances witnessed in the warm hall.

Warmth was all around as performers including comedian Wendell Clouden and the Gospel Singers threatened to steal the show from the main act. Clouden’s comedy with its serious appeal to our social consciences, is something we can not get enough of and which needs more exposure. He had the audience hanging on to every word he pronounced.

One of the highlights of the evening was the SVG Mass Choir, some 100 plus strong which, featured some of the best voices this country can showcase, and under the energetic directions of Alphonzo “Sleepy” Richards this ensemble created a joyful noise; a blessing on all who witnessed them.

But the evening belonged to the Charles family. Dennis and Anita’s son delighted the many younger members of the audience with his gospel hip-hop which suffered from bad sound quality. This did not detract from the excitement of his teaming up with two local gospel rappers – gospel is alive.

His mother Anita came later and launched into what clearly she enjoys doing just as much as singing, a ministry which touched the hearts of her audience. Her voice refused to let her down as she danced and sang numbers from her new compilation, which was being released at this event. The proceeds from the sales of this collection go partly toward local ministry for which many will be thankful.

Anita Charles got very emotional as she thanked the many persons and local agencies, which had contributed to their efforts here. She ended the concert in the true spirit of Christmas, distributing gifts to the many children who had joined her onstage for her final numbers.

It is indeed a blessing when patriotic Vincentians return home to share the fruits of their labours and successes and Dennis, Anita and the Charles family’s ministry was very welcome and appreciated.