Local Vibes
December 3, 2004
College students host art exhibition

“Alive to PainT” is the theme of the next exhibition of art work from the students of the Community College. Having received an overwhelming response from their last exhibition in June, this show features the work of the most recent group to graduate in 2004.{{more}}

Art lecturer Vonnie Roudette praises the sponsors, the SVG Development Bank, for their generous support and in recognizing the vital role that art and design have to play in the economy through youth development.

The A-level students undergo training involving first-hand research and study discipline that is usually associated more with academic subjects. This scholarly approach has secured 100 per cent passes since the programme’s inception in 2001.

Roudette stresses: “The students’ work shows originality as a result of rigorous study practice.” The art students are involved in various extra curricular activities that foster interaction and cooperation on projects – one a large mural painting on the new resource centre and more recently the construction of an earth oven on the college campus.

In referring to creative development as a “tool for social transformation”, Roudette notes that the islands with the most vibrant cultures and economies are those where there are tertiary institutions for studying the arts. “There is a direct link between these institutions and general advancement of the societies. The art programme at the Community College is part of this advancement in St. Vincent.”

The upcoming exhibition at Heritage Hall of Community College A-level art and design graduates runs from 8th -11th December and will provide an opportunity for Vincentians to see this transformation in the works of the youth. A limited edition calendar for 2005, sponsored by the British High Commission, will also be launched at the exhibition.