Jamesy P dominates ‘Four Queens Duke’ show
Local Vibes
November 12, 2004
Jamesy P dominates ‘Four Queens Duke’ show

It was billed as “Four Queens and a Duke”, in the persons of Singing Sandra, Destra Garcia, Nikki Crosby, and Denise Belfon, with Kelvin Pope filling the Duke’s void. But some patrons left with a feeling of dissatisfaction following the event at Buccama on the Bay last Saturday. {{more}}

The band Signal provided musical accompaniment, and some patrons complained about their arrival for the show. Whatever caused the package to fall short of expectations will be a matter of speculation.

Patrons however felt short-changed, and with the entrance fee being what it was, they viewed it as extremely exorbitant in relation to the quality of performances put on by the artistes.

The factors surrounding the presentation remain subjects of speculation, but why the star-studded cast was only able to produce that little was a condemnation of the entire package.

Some patrons expressed satisfaction with Nikki Crosby, whom they dubbed as the star of the show.

Even the limitations to the artistes served as a bitter pill for the fans who turned up. They were, however, thrilled by the performance of local entertainer James P with his hit Nu Key.

Promoters have to be careful to ensure that they present a credible package when they appeal for the public’s patronage.