Five for Miss Culture Pot 2004
Local Vibes
October 22, 2004
Five for Miss Culture Pot 2004

All attention will be on the Calliaqua Culture Pot next week Friday, where five contestants will be trying to take the crown of Miss Culture Pot 2004. {{more}}

Next week’s event will see 17-year-old Natasha Layne, Miss Ratho Mill, 15-year-old Shellyann Durham, Miss Glen, 13-year-old Leanna Simon, Miss Calliaqua, 18-year-old Rotisha Davis, Miss Choppins and 17-year-old Inka John, Miss Fair Hall, appear in culture wear, participate in a talent category and an interview section before one of them is adjudged Miss Culture Pot.

The organisation is hosting the event as part of its fifth anniversary celebrations.

The event will take place at the Calliaqua Town Hall, with a list of culture items carded to fill the night’s agenda.