Local Vibes
October 1, 2004
It’s all about love

This Sunday Splectron Promotions is giving all lovers the chance to share a spontaneous moment together.

According to Regis Splectron, lovers will get a chance to cruise over the beautiful waters of the Tobago Keys. {{more}}Dubbed the Love Cruise, lovers boarding the Jaden T to the beautiful Grenadines will get a chance to indulge in the finest of comfort, fit for Kings and Queens, with an array of seductive music from lovers rock to slow jazz.

Splectron said though the theme behind the cruise is targeting couples, special arrangements would be put in place to ensure everyone, including single persons, are happy. “A lot of single ladies and men are buying tickets, so it’s okay if you are not a couple, this could be a chance for you to meet that special someone,” Splectron said.

“This cruise caters for everyone and it’s all about having fun,” the promoter pointed out to SEARCLIGHT.

The Jaden T leaves the shores of Kingstown at 8 am and tickets are only $30.