DJ Kano rocks Greggs Club
Local Vibes
September 24, 2004

DJ Kano rocks Greggs Club

DJ Kano had Greggs Club rocking from Saturday night to the early hours of Sunday.
Kano, whose real name is Rohan Cornwall, showed why he is considered one of the best DJs on the island. He connected to the crowd with each and every rhythm. {{more}}
Armed with a massive collection and a wide variety of music, DJ Kano, a remix king, was able to please both the younger and older patrons as was evident by the loud howls and screams as he unleashed tune after tune.
Patrons of the club seemed to enjoy the night so much that most of them remained until the last hit was played and the lights turned off.
Oh What A Night!

Rohan Cornwall
DJ Kano
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Beenie Man
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Union Island
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Using sub-standard set

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Ground provisions
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Passion fruit juice
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Gail-Ann Walters
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