Qshan-Dia ready to take another journey
Local Vibes
September 17, 2004
Qshan-Dia ready to take another journey

He has rubbed shoulders and shared stages with the top reggae artistes in the world.
He has a powerful voice that a lot of people have compared with reggae sensation Jamaican Luciano, a comparison that he does not care much for as he thinks it hinders his progress. Yet the Union Island-born Qshan-Dia has yet to make it big in the music industry. {{more}}
He’s still awaiting his big break and like his Vincentian counterpart Kevin Lyttle, it is inevitable that Qshan-Dia will someday have his picture mounted in the reggae hall of fame, but until then, he’s doing his thing and taking one step at a time to the top.
Qshan-Dia was born Kellis Quashie. He moved to New York in 1997 and as a result, managed to link up with superstars like Yami Bolo, Anthony B, Sizzla, Luciano and Determine among other huge Jamaican acts. He has been singing since he was eleven-years-old.
He released his first album “Journey” in 2001 on a J&D Distributors Label but made the big mistake of not signing a contract. His second album, expected to come out next month, will contain fourteen tracks, one of which will feature Jamaican Determine.
Qshan-Dia, who wishes to now be called Kellis-Q, says that right now he is, “concentrating on me”. He is currently in the process of releasing his latest single called, “Her Eyes”.
Qshan-Dia or Kellis-Q, whichever one you prefer, has appeared on numerous stage shows with big acts. One of his songs, “Journey” is the title track for a compilation called “Reggae Platinum 2001”. Other artistes on the “Reggae Platinum 2001” compilation include the fireman “Capleton”, “Sizzla” and “Buju Banton”.
“I’ve worked with a lot of reggae artistes from Jamaica, “ said the dreadlocked performer and father of four.
Because of his style, Qshan-Dia is probably one of a few local reggae acts who get airplay locally. On an international level too, Qshan-Dia has gained some popularity. His hit single “Journey” made number one on the WLIB 1190 a.m. Top Ten program in New York.
In 2003, in Newhaven, Connecticut, he performed alongside Third World and later that year shared the same stage with Luciano. Again in 2003, this time in Long Island, he performed with Frankie Paul and Nadine Sutherland. He also did shows with Admiral Tibet, Louie Culture and has had one of his singles, “Show me Love,” produced by top producer Jamaican Bobby Digital. He has performed at home twice, once March 14 last year at the Iguana Nightclub. Incidentally at that show Kevin Lyttle was the opening act. His other performance locally was February 7 this year as the opening act for Luciano at Victoria Park.
Kellis-Q is not only a singer but also a producer, songwriter and musician.