Opera Night in Bequia
Local Vibes
August 13, 2004

Opera Night in Bequia

By Oswald Vanloo

On Sunday evening at Seaway Academy in Bequia, islanders and friends were treated to an evening of classical and contemporary music, through the combined efforts of the Bequia Tourist Association, President Antionette Cozier Simmons, Tetsuta Okada of the Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and emcee Cheryl Johnson.{{more}}
The entire performance was a tribute to the late benefactor Robert (Bob) Law.
The classically trained performers included Akifumi Shigemi on piano, Tomoya Sakaguchi, baritone, Miho Yamaha, soprano, and Kiyoshi Itaya on piano who is also attached to Girls’ High School as a music teacher.
Piano concertos were of the highest calibre, and the duet renditions of “Over the Rainbow”, “Tonight” from “West Side Story” and “Amazing Grace” brought cheers of bravo bravo from an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. While the Seaway Academy is no “La Scala”, all were taken to a higher level of entertainment.
Grenadines representative Godwin Friday thanked all for their participation in a truly memorable event. It is hoped that this is not a one off show, but one that can be an annual cultural event.