A musical inspiration
Local Vibes
July 2, 2004

A musical inspiration

A Canadian-born lass has been giving musical inspiration to students here.
Twenty-year-old Tanya Charles spoke to students of the Girls’ High School and the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown last week about careers available to them in the field of music.
Tanya, the daughter of Vincentians Gloria and Godwin Charles, spoke to the students of her own aspirations in music. {{more}}
The young woman, who is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in violin performance at the University of Toronto, is presently vacationing here. Come next September Tanya will commence her third year of music studies.
Music has always been a part of this young lady’s life. By age four, Charles was already playing the piano, but now she also enjoys playing the recorder, saxophone and African drum.
Her dream, though, is to participate in musical drama, where she can make music for movie soundtracks.
Though there are several high points in Charles’ life, her final year at high school, when she led the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra as choirmaster, stands out. And, being the well-rounded student she is, she received a special award for that as well.
Very soon, Tanya Charles will mark another career high point. That will be when she gives a violin recital, accompanied by Sean Sutherland, at Government House on July 8.
Tanya is looking forward to this concert, especially having been buoyed by the recent stellar performance by Sean at the Methodist Church last Saturday, which received rave reviews.