Sean’s Superb Classical Evening
Local Vibes
June 25, 2004

Sean’s Superb Classical Evening

A review by Vynnette Frederick

What an evening it was! We sat listening in delight as the strains of classical music seemed to breathe new life into the Kingstown Methodist Church on Saturday June 19, 2004.
The occasion was Sean Sutherland’s first recital at home, in seven years, and from the looks on the faces of those in attendance, his performance was definitely worth the wait. In one word: EXCELLENT! {{more}}
AT&T Wireless assisted with sponsorship of the event and they are to be commended for supporting the arts in St. Vincent. Galaxy Printery and Graphic Element Inc must similarly take a bow for their involvement in what was a most memorable evening.
Every conceivable age group was in attendance- from babes in arms to the young at heart. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation. On a Carnival Saturday night, competing with the Shipwrecks, Marcomays and Iguanas, Sean’s intimate recital was enjoyed by some 100 music lovers who could have stayed ‘til morning listening to his emotive playing.
The proceedings began with the national anthem accompanied by Maestro Pat Prescod and a period of silent reflection at the instance of Monty Maule.
Sean, quietly confident, sat before the piano and poured his heart into the works of Mendelssohn’s Variations Sérieuses, Beethoven’s “Appassionata” Sonata, Debussy’s Etude No. 11, and Chopin’s Sonata No. 3 in b minor. He played with passion, dexterity, finesse, and sensitivity. The impact of his offering was undeniable; the audience was captivated. During the intermission, New Vision, a musical duo, kept us all buzzing with an interlude of keyboard and saxophone fare, playing such favourites as What a Wonderful World, I’ll be There and A Time for Us.
At the end of Sean’s one and a half hour performance, the appreciative crowd leapt to its feet clamouring for more! And, young Sutherland was more than equal to the task. He returned for several encores and hinted at his tremendous range with performances of the popular John Lennon single Yesterday. He followed that with a cleverly arranged version of Becket’s St. Vincent My Homeland, which was sure to have left a smile in the heart of the New Kingstown Chorale members present. Sean topped off the evening with an energetic performance of Liszt’s La Campanella, leaving the listeners exhilarated and supremely satisfied.
It is obvious to those of us fortunate to have attended, that Sean Sutherland is a talented Vincentian who has reached that “next level,” and whose expertise must not only be recognized but must be lauded and appreciated to the fullest. On July 8, 2004 at the Government House, Sutherland shall share billing with Violinist Tanya Charles, who was born in Canada of Vincentian parentage. That will undoubtedly be another treat. We look forward to hearing much more from one of St. Vincent’s Best and Brightest!