Local Vibes
June 25, 2004
Blaksand produces compilation for Carnival

Blaksand is doing big things this year.
So says Glenroy “Homey” Delpesche, keyboardist and vocalist with the band.
Homey revealed that, so far this year, Blaksand has released six tracks that will be available for sale as an album, in two weeks.{{more}}
This album will feature a song from Syxx called “Ladies” and Martian from Homey (who gave us Mojo dance last year). The other songs are “Classic”, “Rise D truck” and “Flags”. According to Homey, a video for “Martian” will be aired on Wednesday on Jamz TV.
Homey says that the band, which has been around for more than eight years, will also this year, produce a J’ouvert band. “We gonna paint people in green this year for J’ouvert,” says Homey. Blaksand will aslo have a Carnival Monday evening jam.
Blaksand is made of four musicians, Homey (plays keyboard), Anthony “Toast” Lewis (guitar), Vincent “Spinach” Franklyn (drums) and Ronald James. Other vocalists include Johnny Rebel and Alla-G, with Chalace Porter as Manager.
Over the years, Blaksand has produced songs like “Whistle”, “Get your posse and move”and “Jump up like an African”. Blaksand’s band room is located at New Montrose.