Digicel, Shipwreck supporting CAPP
Local Vibes
June 11, 2004

Digicel, Shipwreck supporting CAPP

Once again, Shipwreck is supporting the Children Against Poverty Programme (CAPP) and this time they have brought Digicel on board.
On Monday at the office of Digicel, Directors of Shipwreck, Mark Cyrus and Carl O’Brien, received a cheque form Digicel valued at EC$10,000, to be used to get the Shipwreck vehicle in motion, which this year includes the holding of a fair for children involved in CAPP.{{more}}
The fair is scheduled for Sunday, June 27, onboard the boat Jaden-T which is the official Shipwreck boat. Jaden-T will be docked alongside the sea wall at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Car Park.
Marketing Executive at Digicel Juno DeRoche said that Digicel wanted to sponsor something different and was attracted to Shipwreck because of the emphasis being placed on CAPP. DeRoche said that the fact that CAPP is involved in boosting the self-esteem of kids is a good enough reason for Digicel to get on board: “We are very passionate about helping kids.”
Last year, the managers of Shipwreck injected EC$5,000 into CAPP, which was also sponsored by the Ministry of Social Development.
The CAPP programme is designed to help children who are in poverty to have education and homework assistance among other benefits. It also has a parenting aspect in which parents are taught how to teach their children, with emphasis being placed on building self-esteem.
Speaking on behalf of Shipwreck, Carl O’Brien thanked Digicel for being a part of Shipwreck’s promotion which apart from helping kids, helps in the reduction of crime during Carnival and provides, “an environment of peace and tranquility”.
Mark Cyrus of Shipwreck, who last year had described CAPP as a very worthwhile charity, said on Monday that the fair, which will be held on June 27, will have a lot of fun things for the kids to do.
The fair will have as an attraction a horse and carriage ride in support of this year’s Shipwreck theme, “Wild Wild West – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Other attractions include punchboards, dips, clowns and a bouncing castle.
CAPP was started in 2002.