Lexie takes New Song Calypso
Local Vibes
May 21, 2004
Lexie takes New Song Calypso

Alexis “Lexie” Joseph is the 2004 New Song Calypso Contest winner.
He copped the title when the competition was staged last Saturday evening with a rendition of “Take Way You Getting”.
Lexie dethroned last year’s winner Fitzroy “Brother Ebony” Joseph, who was relegated to second spot with the song “Daytime Saints: Nighttime Devils”. Bridgette “Joy C” Creese, whose rendition was “Haiti And The Caribbean”, placed third. The other three finalists were Aloma “Fatty Dan” Cadougan who sang “Age Is Honour”, Sonny Banks with “Speak To Me” and George “Jah Burke” Nedd who performed “Ghetto Man”.