Lady D grabs New Soca Song title
Local Vibes
May 21, 2004
Lady D grabs New Soca Song title

This is her tenth anniversary in the entertainment arena, and if last Saturday’s carnival launch is anything to go by, Denise “Lady D” Stephens seems set to have a special tenth anniversary celebration.
Lady D has been steadily improving in the calypso arena over the past years, and she crowned that progress with the soca version of the New Song Competition. {{more}}
This is the first time that a Soca New Song Contest has been staged here. Last year, the New Song Com-petition was introduced. This year, the soca version was added. And Lady D made no joke about getting what she wanted.
Her number was entitled “We Don’t Want”. Josiah Ash with “Comess” placed second and Alpha “Stinga Nettle” Allick with “Dust Off” took the third spot. The other finalists were Kereitha “Laylee” Westfield, who did “Take To Your Country”, and Adolph “I Come” Miller with “Popsicle”.
The band SVG Rage accompanied both segments of the competition.